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FaLife Production offers a one-of-a-kind service for both independent artists and labels to promote their music to in markets around the world. We specialize in Radio Airplay and delivering new music - to the world. With more than 8,000 + radio station affiliates which includes 6,000 plus FM Stations worldwide. Radio Airplay promotions, will be marketed nationally and international to radio stations, reviewers, club DJs and program directors looking for the newest releases We cover the full spectrum of Music Promotion and Retail Distribution: To include but not limited to Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Rap, Blues, Jazz, Country, Urban and Rock. Promote your New Release today and see your career take off.


BDS/Mediabase monitored stations (that's the stations where spins are monitored to create Radio Airplay format charts) We promote your music for Radio Airplay to Clear Channel, CBS, Radio One, Cox Radio, Cumulus, Sirius, Salem Communication, Etc. * Delivery is based on broadcaster format and Genre. In addition we have Over 8,000 + Radio stations, Program directors, Djs, looking for the latest CD releases to Play, spotlight and review “Based on your Genre This could be your chance to get your music heard worldwide.

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THE BAND SIRI DYAL                                 

In 2002, Siri Dyal, the band was born. Siri packed up and headed out to the mid-west to join a summer tour as a supporting vocalist on the Master P & Lil’ Romeo tour. With three songs in her pocket and an idea on how to bring them to life, she played her role on the tour and on spare time she would work hard at a local recording studio to record her demos, “Children of the Light”, “Waiting 4 Me” and “Scorpio Lova”. A young engineer who was also a musician was inspired by her music and offered to help her bring her musical visions to life. Soon, Siri joined the talented local musicians in Dayton, Ohio who met often to write and jam to their new found sound; a mixture of hard-edged southern rock, funky bass, melodic keys, and a sultry, edgy, jazzy-pop vocals, with a call to action and inspirational energy raising harmonics. This sound was the birth of the Siri Dyal Band. Within three months, they were opening up for national acts that included Evanescence, a Grammy-Award-Winning melodic rock band. The reviews were very favorable and gave the newly formed SDB the confidence to keep on rocking on. With newfound energy, they decided to take their sound to Seattle, Washington.
Now touring their newly penned project, Siri was ready to seek out fresh territory and the same night they pulled into Seattle, the band decided they would enter that night’s talent contest. Un-packing their gear before even finding their place to stay, they jammed out taking home the first prize of a bag of ladybugs! They knew that they would love Seattle; and thankfully Seattle loved them back! The band landed an early gig. There, they would perform their project to patrons who would frequent and soon the public was calling out songs in request. On nights they did not play the band would seek out other musicians and venues in order to branch out and learn more. It was there in Seattle where the band learned and refined the crafts of dynamics, earth tones and exotic rhythms, learning to play coffee shops comfortably, and fill a club full of sound. After two years of playing live, it was time to record a new CD. The SDB recorded their first CD in Wallingford, Washington, in a private studio owned by a fellow musician Henry Cheng. In 2004, the record “We R Here” is born, but it wouldn’t be until 2006 that it is released. Once the CD was recorded, mixed and mastered, Siri Dyal the band decides to head back to Siri’s home town of Los Angeles, California. It is here that the SDB will find Terence Ervan: their Drummer, Percussionist, and now Co-Producer. The band moved into a large house in Lancaster, CA and continued to hone their sound while rehearsing and playing live six days a week. “The neighbors would pull up a lawn chair with a cool drink and post up outside the garage where we rehearsed. They would call out the songs they wanted to hear.”, recalls Siri. Independently released on Sirius Records, Inc., “We R Here” is released with little buzz. With a glimpse of hope and promise for the band (who was absolutely happy to play and share this music, and grateful for the chance), the band played the streets of Los Angeles and began to garner a consistent following. Through the process, they continue with their momentum in writing a new project adding the new songs to their line up and delighting their fans with the new energy and urgency that their music brings to the world. This Summer 2014, Siri Dyal will be releasing a single, “Summa Luv” which is a smooth, lush, vibrant mid-tempo ballad that sensuously caresses the senses, calling on one’s nature to pause, relax and just enjoy.

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FaLife solutes Platinum song writer, Producer and Engineer Ron Grimes for his latest Artist Discovery IMAJ. Ron has made 3 hit songs with National Recording artist Lee Ann Rimes and has sold over 10.5 Million CD Copies. Ron has been associated with FaLife Production as a Producer and Engineer for 10 years. We appreciate your gifts and talents.
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